Dr. Nguyen Trong The, MD, PhD

Group Leader – Vietnamese-German Center for Medical research (VG-CARE)
Deputy Head – Airborne infectious diseases,  108 Military central hospital, Vietnam.

Research interests: Anti-Microbial Resistances, Dengue fever, Sepsis and Meningitis, Malaria

Dr. The Trong Nguyen is Group Leader at the Vietnamese-German Centre for Medical Research (VG-CARE) and Deputy Head of the Airborne Infectious Disease and Intensive Care Unit, 108 Military Central Hospital, Hanoi, Vietnam.  

Following his MD degree, Dr. The completed his PhD in University of Tübingen, Germany. Dr. The has specialized in infectious diseases and has been involved in various ICH-GCP compliant clinical trials. He is currently focusing on clinical research on dengue hemorrhagic fever and identifying various pathogens that cause sepsis and meningitis.

Dr. The will coordinate several projects within PACE-UP as a senior scientist and will be involved in mentoring students in VG-CARE.