Prof. Dr. Nguyen Linh Toan

Head of Division of Post-Graduate Training Management, Member of Science and Training Council,
Department of Pathophysiology, Vietnam Military Medical University (VMMU), Vietnam

Research interests: Infectious diseases, Cancer, Metabolic disorder diseases, preclinical trials, anti-cancers drugs, , molecular diagnostics

Prof. Nguyen Linh Toan is Full Professor of Pathophysiology, Head of the Department of Postgraduate Education and member of the Scientific and Educational Council of the Vietnam Military Medical University (VMMU), Vietnam.  Prof Toan leads several projects on molecular genetics of host-pathogen interactions, preclinical trials for cancer control, molecular mechanism of type 2 diabetes mellitus, and metabolic disorders and diagnostics, funded by several national and international funding agencies.

Prof Toan has published 200 articles, including 70 or more in peer-reviewed journals, with an h-index of 21. He is a member of several review committees of national organisations and serves in the reviewer board for international bilateral research projects with the National Foundation for Science and Technology Development (NAFOSTED).

Under PACE-UP, Prof Toan will contribute to capacity building and networking to increase the critical mass of academic colleagues.