Dr. Florian Marks

Deputy Director General of Epidemiology, Public Health, Impact, and Clinical Development – Internationl Vaccine Institute (IVI), South Korea

Research interests: Epidemiology, Public Health, Impact, and Clinical Development

Dr. Florian Marks, MPH, Ph.D. has over 18 years of experience conducting epidemiological studies and providing technical expertise in the field of global health; particularly in low-income countries. As the Deputy Director General of Epidemiology, Public Health, Impact, and Clinical Development at IVI, he designs and oversees epidemiological studies investigating a wide range of bacterial and viral infectious diseases. His duties include overall coordination, organization, supervision, and management of standardized surveillance studies, executing mass vaccination campaigns, and conducting associated effectiveness studies to generate high quality data for vaccine introduction recommendations and improvement of existing programs. His expertise includes the execution of large, multi-center studies, such as the Typhoid Fever Surveillance in Africa Program (TSAP), that generated incidence data on invasive bacterial bloodstream infections from 13 African sites and provided unique data pertinent to include typhoid conjugate vaccines into the Gavi portfolio. Subsequently, Dr.  Marks has obtained funding to initiate the Severe Typhoid Surveillance in Africa Program (SETA), which further characterizes the severity and long-term health outcomes of typhoid fever in six African countries.  He has recently received two Fleming Regional Grant awards to expand knowledge on antimicrobial resistance in 12 Asian countries.  He’s also currently leading IVI’s program on the clinical development of schistosomiasis vaccines, jointly with the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center and PAI Life Sciences.

Dr. Marks holds an academic appointment within the Department of Medicine, University of Cambridge, UK and has been instrumental in setting up joint programs leveraging the unique strengths of both the University of Cambridge and IVI. Dr.  Marks majored in Pharmacy at the University of Saarland, and holds a Ph.D. from the Bernhard Nocht Institute for Tropical Medicine at the University of Hamburg and a Master of Public Health from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. He also holds a position as Visiting Professor within the Department for Health Security at the Graduate School of Public Health, Seoul, Republic of Korea.